---From the Pastors Study 


March 2023


My Grandmother was a rock hound. Not just a collector of rocks here and there, but a serious rock hound. This meant whenever we were on vacation she would be picking up rocks and stone from the places we traveled. In fact, one year she picked up so many, my father insisted that the car weighed at least 500 pounds extra. To prove his point, he drove us through a scale to weigh. I don’t actually remember if he was right, but I know there were a lot of stones and rocks collected over the years. She and my grandfather would even go on rock hunting trips and bring back the specimens they found. I have what is left of her collection.
There is a certain weight and solidity about many rocks. They can also tell a story if we know how to read it. 
So why am I going on about rocks? Because in worship during Lent, which begins February 26, we will be taking a Journey of the Stones. Each Sunday as you enter the sanctuary there will be stones for you to pick up and hold during worship. These stones are representative of things in our lives that can weigh us down, hold us back or are used to hurt or harm others. We will hear about stones of rejection, hearts of stone, stones that go with sticks, crying stones and others. I invite you to take the journey, consider the weight of the stones you carry and perhaps lay some of them down at the foot of the cross.

In Christ,

Pastor Pat

by Pastor Pat Allin