Prayer List March 2021


Our Current Prayer List
Bishop Frank Beard (04-24 leadership of Illinois Great Rivers Conf.)
Carlos Blair (healing from spinal injury. Cannot walk or move hands & feet; cousin of Mickey Mathews)
Sarah (Foster) Bleich (prayers for healing of health concerns)
Karisa Brocker (08-23 healing from diagnosis MS receiving clinical trials at home; prayers are working; friend of Mickey Mathews)
Heidi Punke Brown (08-18 received treatments for stage 4 breast cancer; friend of Greg Niewold)
Janson Campbell (07-08 recovery and healing from kidney transplant; son of a co-worker of Mary Parsons)
Joyce Carlson(02-15 back home after therapy; part of Nimble Fingers)
Family of Scott Carlson (02-18 Comfort and peace)
Family of Harold Coulter (02-21 comfort and peace; brother of Melvin Coulter)
Hunter Crowe & Girlfriend Emily (07-07 recovery from a serious accident; cousin of Tiffany Apland Linton; Emily has come home)
Bob Downing (2/23 prayers for healing, comfort & peace from lung cancer; friend of Mike White)
Lincoln Downing (01-14 in remission, pray for next steps in healing process; child of co-worker of Leslie Cottrell)
Sylvia Evans (11/22 recovery from major surgery on 11/17 for recurrence ovarian cancer; friend of Virginia Jones)
Gabe Fairchild (12-16 treatment for carcinoid tumors; friend of Pastor John)
Connie Flessner (09-15 receiving treatments for cancer)
Soo Harris (treatments for breast cancer; Kyla DeOrnellas sister-in-law)
Elizabeth Hobbs (9/19 recovery and healing; Richard Arnolds’ sister)
Jackie Lynch (2/13 recovery from a broken pelvis due to a fall; in Gibson City Hospital)
Bill Maag (2/21 back in hospital; healing in leg; husband of Julie Maag)
Karen Marshall (7/05 beginning treatments for cancer; Aunt of Amanda Gooden)
Paul Meuser (05-26 prayers for health concerns; brother of Mary Parsons)
Tammy Morlan (2/21 recovery from surgery; friend of Pastor John)
Tony Najzer (01-12 needs a kidney transplant; brother-in-law of Ashley Williams Najzer)
Carol Najzer (12/13 cancer behind heart and lungs and congestive heart failure; Mother-in-law of Ashley Williams Najzer)
Cheryl Marshall Phillips (11-17 prayers for healing from COPD & lung cancer; Mother of Stephanie Kyrouac)
Mary Rogers (11/22 treatments for lymphoma)
Connie Sauer (9/03 healing for liver problems)
Alex Swanson (1/26 healing and recovery from back surgery)
Jim Toncray (1/9 healing with Parkinson’s brother of Bonnie Howard)
Spencer Ware (7/5 has been deployed to Kuwait; son-in-law of Ellie White)
Family of Martha Zimmerman (2/17 comfort and peace; mother of Terri Eyer and Ellen Lee)