The witness ministries of the church shall give attention to developing and strengthening evangelistic efforts of sharing of personal and congregational stories of Christian experience, faith, and service; communications; Lay Servant Ministries; and other means that give expressions of witness for Jesus Christ. (Book of Discipline 2012)

What the Outreach Committee does in meeting the physical needs of the congregation and community, the Witness Committee does for their spiritual needs. The Witness Committee works to take the message of Jesus Christ to the community through our members and unique activities. There are many residents in Vandalia and the surrounding area who do not need financial assistance; and yet, they do not have a living relationship with Jesus Christ. Helping our membership grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ should assist them in taking the message of Jesus Christ to the world. The best way for any individual

Member Class Of
Kim Evans, Co-Chair 2016
Judy Hastings, Co-Chair 2016
Jenn Miles 2016
Amanda Elam 2016
Liz Bowen 2017
Cindy Brown 2017
Ed Brown 2018
Kyla Deornellas 2018