There shall be elected annually by the charge conference in each local church a committee on pastor (staff)-parish relations (SPRC) who are professing members of the local church or charge or associate members. People serving on this committee must be engaged in and attentive to their Christian spiritual development so as to give proper leadership in the responsibilities with which the committee is entrusted.

In conducting its work, the committee shall identify and clarify its values for ministry. It shall engage in biblical and theological reflections on the mission of the church, the primary task, and ministries of the local church.

The committee shall reflect biblically and theologically on the role and work of the pastor and staff as they carry out their leadership responsibilities. The committee shall assist the pastor and staff in assessing their gifts, maintaining health holistically and work-life balance, and setting priorities for leadership and service. It is the responsibility of the committee to communicate with the committee on nominations and/or church council when there is a need for other leaders or for employed staff to perform in areas where utilization of the gifts of the pastor and staff proves an inappropriate stewardship of time.

Member Class Of
Jere Cross 2016
Chris Rudin 2016
Charlotte Swanson, Chair 2016
Andy Hudson 2017
Mike Jones 2017
Rick Peers 2017
vacant 2018
vacant 2018
vacant 2018
Lay Members to Annual Conference
     Ann Berner
     Ruth Ann Noble

Lay Leader
     Barb Zimmerman